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Nelsen Electric Motor is proud to provide you with multiple services, such as:

Digital Surge Testing

Surge testing consists of A/C electric motors and generator windings displaying an accurate picture of the insulation and winding conditions. Tests made are either determined good, marginal, or even defective windings, and the winding insulation before a major failure can occur.
A digital surge tester can be applied to predetermined voltage and can capture a wave form for each phase of the unit. Hi-Pot measurements and megohms can also be displayed. This information is used determine which repairs are needed.

Insulation Stripping Ovens

Stripping ovens are an important part when it comes to the repair process. Water injection temperature controlled burning of electric motor and generator stators can alleviate the damage that is caused if the oven has a thermal runaway.

Rotalign Pro

Rotalign Pro is one of the most versatile laser shaft alignment systems used today. This device is used for detection, measurement, and correction.
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